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Adult Continuing Education Center (ACEC) was the initial name of Asia University's Division of Continuing Education (DCE). When it was founded in 2001, firmly devoted to adapting with meet the needs of continuing learners. In 2004, ACEC was renamed as Division of Continuing Education.

DCE offers part-time study in the evenings on an open enrollment basis. Students come from all fields of occupational and academic backgrounds, or no degree at all. Most students take one or more master’s course(s) to study for preparing the entrance exam of the graduate institute for master’s degree for career.

The main mission of DCE is to provide the best teaching quality as well as improve the quality of life for individuals and communities through undergraduate and graduate education, research, and outreach. Furthermore, DCE can enrich the personal and professional lives of people’s competitive added value.

If you have any questions regarding DCE, please don’t hesitate to contact our team